My Awal Muharam

What a weird day today. I thought of getting myself doing my own things at home but I end up spending my time with friends.

In the morning, I received a call from a friend who invited me to her house for breakfast. For lunch, friends fetched me at home to have Chinese meals. The best thing, I got to meet my ex-collegemate (not exactly from my batch, he was my junior in college). We chatted like almost 3 hours and after they sent me back home, I thought of relaxing the whole evening by watching the Hindustan movie recommended by my officemate (I found it to be long winded and boring but still acceptable) however, unexpectedly I received a message from another friend who invited me for dinner at her house.

Wah, what a weird day! Well, I guess it is a good start for my Awal Muharam with a smile on my face ^^ (Syukur…Alhamdulillah with every ‘rezeki’ I get from the All Mighty)


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