Eat, Pray, Love

Based on the recent movie acted by Julia Robert, the best place to enjoy food is Italy, the best place to experience spiritual is India and the best place where one might find love in Bali. I just came back from Bali, a place famous of tradition and religion. The main religion of people in Bali is Hinduism. I was a bit amazed that these people look exactly like Malay but they are not Muslim. Unlike in Malaysia, most of the Malays here are born to be Muslims. The Hinduism practiced by the people in Bali defer from those practiced by the Hinduism in Malaysia who majority are Indians originated from India. In Bali, the temples which popularly known as pura is not open publicly though visitors can still visit the surrounding. Each of Hinduism family in Bali has their own pura and according to the local, the richer the family, the bigger the pura. Therefore, I assume that these pura are not exactly temples like those in Malaysia, where they are opened publicly for praying instead, the pura are like ancestor place.

Other interesting thing that I observed that the local love flowers. Wherever I go- restaurants, hotel, shopping complex, airport and even public toilets are covered by the smell of flowers. These flowers are compulsory tradition for the local to do and they renew the flowers everyday. Even residential houses have a box of petal of different kinds of flowers and smell being put at every entrance of their houses. My tour guide, Pak Dodi, informed me that these boxes of flowers are known as sajian and the minimum cost of sajian is 10,000 rupiah which equivalent to RM3++. When my mother heard that, she commented that Bali people must be rich to afford such thing everyday!

I cannot believe that there some part of humans who still preserve an ancient culture practice. I guess that what makes Bali a unique place to see.


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