Job Hunting, CV and Statement


I can’t remember when was the last time I wrote a CV and statement for job application. My life was a bit lucky  back then because as I graduated from the Law School, job has already secured for me. When my ex-students asked for my advise in writing a good CV, I was only able to provide advise based on theory rather than my own experience. Sometimes, I honestly declared to them that I have never had any experience in hunting permanent jobs hence less experience in writing CV (can’t say no experience at all because I remember I did wrote my own CV to applying casual job back in the University). But after resigning, I have to experience it now.

For a week, part of my days were fill with me staring at the laptop, clicking the keyboards, searching for jobs on google. I would say that with the present technologies, things are easier as the google could lead you to the list of job vacancies, and even templates of CV and statements as guidance. Therefore, I don’t find that job hunting is difficult but the hardest thing to do is to write a good CV and statement promoting yourself to the potential employer. Honestly, I am freak out inside.

It took me several days to think what and how to present my CV and statement. I am worried on whether my CV and statement are clear enough for the potential employer to read. Can he/she understand my message?

Another thing that worry me is my English- the grammar, the structure of the sentence and the words used. All these have to be considered since I am applying job in a Western country and the main language is English.

I am trying my best and if I able to get through and being called for an interview, I know that I have written a good CV and statement.

P/S: Here are some of the skill-based CV templates in pdf form which I got from google and would love to share them. I think these templates are good examples and very neat CVs.

skills_cv_examples     AGCAS cv_skills_based


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