Liverpool Saturday Outing

Crowded Liverpool City Centre

Outing on Saturday in Liverpool especially on sunny day is a bit crowded.

My husband and I went to town together shopped for grocerries and visited the street Bazar in the centre. There were food, clothes, gardening stuffs, arts and craft works at the Bazar. We bought halal grilled chicken with three kind of flavours for iftar which remind me of ayam percik back in Malaysia Bazar Ramadhan.

Halal Grilled Chicken

When tired we sat on the park near Liverpool One (is the newest shopping arena in Liverpool) enjoying the view and looking at the locals doing their own activities. I just knew that in the UK you are not allow to consume alcholic drinks at public parks unless there is designated area for that purpose.


A very simple outing indeed with the love one while learning the culture in Liverpool.


Ayam Percik – Malay style of grilled marinated chicken

P/s: More pictures of the Liverpool town Bazar in Ernie’s Gallery.


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