Ernie’s 30th Birthday

This year I am very lucky to have two birthdays in a month of July. Why? It’s because I was born on the 15th Ramadhan 1415 and for conventional calendar on the 14th July 1984. So I had two birthdays on Sunday (13th July 2014-15th of Ramadhan) and Monday (14th July 2014).

I received great wishes from families, friends and ex-students of UiTM. Feel blessed that people remember me and my birthday. And most importantly my husband bought me a bouquet of flower and treated me dinner at Chaophraya, a Thai restaurant.

We ordered Steamed Dim Sum, Jasmine Steamed Rice, Steamed SeaBass Fish (the taste was awesome like Ikan Asam Pedas), Chicken with Cashew Nuts (only the chicken meat is halal but the rest of the meats served here are not!) and Ice Lemonade. Altogether cost £45.00 which is reasonable price for a good food and comfortable dining.

The restaurant situated near Liverpool One and I love the interior design of the restaurant. If you want to witness ceiling style aquarium do visit Chaophraya.

Ceiling Aquarium in Chaophraya

Ceiling Aquarium in Chaophraya



Ikan Asam Pedas– This is Malaysian dish. Ikan means Fish. Asam means Sour. Pedas means Spicy. So the taste of this food sour and spicy fish.



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