DREAM while You Can



I was chatting with my little cousin and how she wishes she could go to England like me. I told her that she could study hard for excellent results and get scholarship to study here. Then, she said she is not good in her studies. I asked her what is your dream? *Silent*

Reflecting my past and looking at what I have become today, I remembered that I always hold a dream to go to overseas. It doesn’t matter where but I always have this dream since young to see the world. I think environment exposure does play a major role in creating a dream. Since three years old, I was exposed to Walt Disney cartoons and I learned that the production is from US and they have a Walt Disney theme park! It always be a child’s dream to go there. And I always say to my mum that one day I am going to overseas.

As I grew up as a teenager, my dream has never fade. Reading books and watching TV about the outside world fascinates me. After secondary school, I have decided my path. If my final year results are not good I would apply a job as a stewardess but if my results are good I would apply the government scholarship to study overseas. Both options I made to achieve that one dream. I was a bit lucky that my final year results were good and the scholarship was the ticket for me to study in England for four years. However, after four years of study, I have to come back and served my country for certain years of bond.

Deep inside me I still hold the same dream and I guess I am destined to live in overseas. After five years of working in Malaysia, I got married to a man who happened live in overseas. So, thats how I end up in overseas again!

What I am trying to say here, your destiny starts with a dream. If you google and read most of the successful people in this world succeed because of a dream that they hold on.

To the young kids out there, don’t be afraid. Just dream while you can. But of course you need to put a little bit of effort to make your dream come true. Like the saying goes “if you want to make a rainbow, you’ve got to put a little bit of rain”. No effort, your dream would just remain a dream and never come true.


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