Protect the Unity


Sometimes it makes me wonder is it wrong to have dark skin? Is it wrong to have a certain religious belief? Is it wrong to wear hijab? Is it wrong being born as a Chinese? All these questions pops on my mind and I always thought that when technologies developed and people getting civilised, there shouldn’t be any issue of races, gender, religion, culture and skin colour i.e. there shouldn’t be any discrimination in the community. I always believe that civilised people should have the sense of unity and accepting diversity. However, sadly, the community in the world today is lacking of this sense.

I blamed the irresponsible users of social network. Although the social network is good for the purpose of keeping in touch among families and friends globally, the facilities offer in the social network such as uploading pictures, videos and freedom of speech could crash the ties of unity that have been built for so many years due to misusage of these facilities. The social network becomes the hub for hearsay and defamation. It is even sadder that most users just accept whatever they witness on the social network without investigating the creditability of the given information. I think every user of social network should be careful on whatever they see and listen so not to get influence by unreliable sources of information.

How I miss those days where people are still innocent and infant to internet and social network- there are less issue of discrimination and war on news. People enjoy being unify and accepting each other diversity and imperfection.

Look at the picture above, none of us are Christians but we joined the Christmas celebration and appreciate the different culture happily. And this is the unity that one community should hold for world peace.


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