The Giant Little Girl, Grandma & Xolo

The Giant Little Girl

The Giant Little Girl

I have never seen a giant puppet before in my whole life but I got to witness it today in Liverpool. Seems like it is one of the biggest event here that people are just so crazy to see it including me. I dressed up as early as half eight to make sure that I would get a good spots to take a shot of the giant puppets.

Jean-Luc Courcoult

Jean-Luc Courcoult

The creator is from France known as Jean-Luc Courcoult, according to a lady I spoke to among the crowds and the giants made a second come back to Liverpool. This time the giant little girl (I have no idea what is her name, apparently they just called her the little girl) and her dog, Xolo came back to Liverpool bringing along her grandma. The grandma seems to have a unique characters and if I am not mistaken based on Echo Liverpool, she can even read the future.

There is a story behind the origin of these giant puppets. Why are the characters are being created is well explained here in BBC News link.

Xolo, the Giant Dog

Xolo, the Giant Dog

The Giant Grandma

The Giant Grandma

I was actually amazed by the imagination of this French writer and director. Although it just a fantasy characters, it always amazed me to see people who can have great imagination and make it real. I believe only those who loves the arts of creativity would appreciate this otherwise you might think the ideas are ridiculous.

Grandma's wheelchair

Grandma’s wheelchair



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