Ernie’s Book Review: A Sister’s Promise

A Sister's Promise by Anne Bennett

A Sister’s Promise by Anne Bennett

This was the book that I bought from the Clearance bookstore in St John’s, Liverpool. My husband was teasing me saying that I was buying old ladies storybook. I didn’t care as I am trying to learn the local accent english sentences. I would prefer to learn by reading local storybooks rather than the typical textbook on English language that he gave me. And honestly, I don’t regret at all for buying this book as I learned not only the language but the story itself made me cried.

A Sister’s Promise by Anne Bennett is a story about a girl named Molly, an eldest child and she had a brother, Kevin. Both were orphans after their parents died in a road accident. Starting from that, Molly and Kevin had to be separated. I can’t tell you more how they were being separated because this is just a review otherwise it would not be fun to read if you already knew the whole story. Both of them grown up in a very hard life especially Molly who lived in Ireland with her harsh character grandmother and she promised Kevin that once she turned 16 she would find her way back to England where Kevin was living. The world war II came in which made even more harder for Molly so she had to break her promise and delayed her trip to England until she turned 18; she received an emergency letter from Kevin that she knew it was time for her to find him. Her journey to England during war time was so much suffering for her and this you must read yourself. Did she able to find Kevin? And would her suffering last forever? I am not going to tell you what is the ending of the story. *wink*

Anyway, I really enjoy this book very much and the way Anne Bennett wrote it, I can imagine how the situation looks like during the war time. Also, I could feel the suffering faced by Molly and her brother who was a very young child. My rating for this book would be full FIVE STARS!



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