How are you, Pen-Pal?


Have you ever experience having a Pen-Pal? Have you ever experience writing and sending letters to your Pen-Pal? Well, I had.

Before the existence of Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Linkedin etc. the ‘social networking’ is made by letters. I had such experience of writing and sending letters or postcards to friends who I met either physically in some events or online via MIRC (the old days internet chatting channel) and I remembered how excited I was when receiving their replies. Although it took few days or weeks or even months to receive their letters, it has been the best and fun way to keep in touch with each other at that time.

I started to write letter when my Mom’s friend’s daughter sent me a postcard. She was my first local Pen-Pal who lived in different state in Malaysia. From that on, it became a kind of habit or maybe one of my hobbies to write and search for Pen-Pal from different countries. We exchanged stories, what was happening in our lives and places. We shared what we like, cultures and dreams through the letters we wrote. Although some of us have never meet each other, the writings in the letters explained all and that was the only imagination we had back then.

However, after I left secondary school, I lost touch with my Pen-Pals. Life got busier and I had not have enough time to write to them. Plus, the emergence of virtual social networking at that time has made sending letters less favourable. Some of my Pen-Pals made an effort to find me or I searched for them and we keep in touch on Facebook or through emails. But majority of them, I have totally lost touch. I wonder how they are. Whether they are alive or dead?

I still keep the letters and postcards sent by my Pen-Pals in a box back home in Malaysia. My mom has been asking me when am I going to get rid of those ‘junks’. Every time I wanted to throw them away, I changed my mind. The ‘junks’ are too memorable and are the kind of treasure that I would love to show to my kids some day.


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