2015 List


Since I came back to UK, I have been hibernating myself from writing. Is not that I have nothing to say, but too many things need to sort out while I welcomed 2015. I have been making lots of thinking what are my wish list for this year. Apart from hunting for jobs in legal industry, I am thinking to expose myself in business. So, before I came back to UK, I joined my friend as her business partner and seems like we are the founder of bARTik project which if you look into my blog pages, I have included in the page list.

Joining business? I know it is scary and risky however, if I don’t start to expose myself now, how should I learn, right? Basically, the aim of our business project is to sell items made from batik cloth traditionally handmade from East Coast of Malaysia. In some ways, we are actually helping out the East Coast economy as well as promoting our ancestor arts. All items are 100% handmade from the fabric itself until it is produced into one particular product.

At the moment, we have produced a cross body bag collection, pouch and coming soon kitchen items. We have not yet develop our own business website and have been using Facebook and Instagram as our marketing source. The market demand is good locally in Malaysia however, we are trying to bring our items internationally. Of course this would be listed in my 2015 wish list.

I am also busy updating a manual of Hospitality and Travel Law which I collaborated with a lecturer from my former University that I worked for. I am glad that somebody is helping me out to sell my books as part of my yearly income. This has been inserted into my wish list too for this year.

Adding more to my wish list are to be a better wife to my husband and better person as a whole to God and the rest of the people out there.

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