It started with a Smile

I was at the central library today. I used one of the library’s computers to do my CV for a job that I planned to apply. The place that I was sitting is near the escalator. So people kept coming up and down in front of me. While I was drafting my objective career statement, a man was going down the escalator. I was looking at him and he looked at me. I gave him a smile.

Not even few minutes, he went up and walked to where I was sitting. He said to me “you’ve a very good smile”. I said, “oh, thank you”. It was a bit akward but I remain calm and tried to look natural. He asked what I was doing and I told him that I was amending my CV. He stared at the computer screen and commented, “I think you expand bit more here” at the same pointing to the part that he meant. He gave more CV tips and even showed me examples of his CV done by himself and by the recruiter for him.

I am not sure why a stranger like him wanted to help me but I am glad that with just a smile I got to know him.


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