Age and Maturity

It is commonly accepted that the older we are the more mature we would be. But this common norm does not really reflect the truth in reality. There are some people I have seen, whose age over 40 still not behaving at the level of maturity that I thought they should be.

It is very hard to define what exact level maturity one should have at certain age. In other words, it is very subjective and might depending on other factors such as culture, background, education etc.

The reason why I came out with this post was because I am quite impressed to see younger persons than me who I felt are a lot mature for their age. Looking at them remind me of myself when I was at their age. Although I could not remember at what level of maturity I was at that time, I was as energetic as them. Thought about the future, what career I wanted to have, where do I wanted to work, when should I be getting married… These were thoughts I had in the past. Listening to them talking about their future plans made me miss my youth age. How I wish I could reverse time to go through those moment again.

The fact that they started to figuring about what they are going to do in their lives showed that they are being responsible of themselves. I thought that was an act of mature and age does not count.


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