One more year has gone and I am trying to get used to the new year. Many things have occurred last year.

My mother has been diagnosed gallbladder cancer at terminal stage and she is still battling against it. I got a job as part-time private tutor and paid proofreading work from home. My husband got pay rise and promoted as senior engineer. Both of my brother and sister in laws recently got hitched. This was the summary of 2015.

Because I was too busy with family and work issues, I did not realised that I have passed the first day of 2016 and I did not have the chance to think about this year resolutions. But as I wrote this post, my mind has started to arrange some resolutions and I am looking forward to achieve them.

After a year of marriage, I know everyone especially my mother in law is hoping that I would get pregnant. I have been telling everyone that, my husband and me are into family planning; considering all circumstances, we feel it is best to plan properly in making babies. Yes, of course I am looking forward to be a mother but again I put my trust in Allah’s will.

Whatever arrangement God has made for me for this year, I pray that He provide me the strength and courage to face the odds and wonders of this life.


P/S: Hello 2016. It is my pleasure to meet you 🙂


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