Third Trimester

I have been very busy and I haven’t got a time to update my blog.  A lot of things came up since my last post in November 2016. In autumn 2017, I received a great news. I got pregnant again. Yay! And this time, I experiencing a smooth pregnancy and thank God that I’m currently in my third trimester. Baby is expected to due in early June and both my husband and me are very excited especially when we already found out the gender.

I’m not going to break the surprise of the baby’s gender yet here. We even have thought of the name for the baby and have started to call the baby’s name. Family members and closed friends know about the gender and name.

Well that’s it for now. I will update soon about the baby.


Repost: Rubber in My Nostril? 

Actually I was about to go to bed but suddenly remembered something happened long long time ago during my kindergarten days. I had always wanted to have a mechanical pencil, which I used to call it “tik tik” pencil because it always make the “tik” sound when you push it. 

My elder sister used to have lots of “tik-tik” pencil in her pencil case and I had always borrowed from her. So, one day she lent me her blue “tik-tik” pencil to school. I was very happy and at school, I kept show off to my friends about how wonderful a 6 year old kid can have a “tik-tik” pencil. You know when you were young and a little “stupid”, “tik-tik” pencil can make you look so “cool”. You know what I mean. 

Then, I discovered that the “tik-tik” pencil has an eraser, which something I never knew before. The eraser looked white and small. In fact, I thought it was cute. But, I really had no idea why I got this stupid idea of inserting it into one of my nostrils. So thats what I did and indeed it was stuck in my nostril. I was a little panicked. My friends who saw what I did just said “Oh’Oh”. Well, I didn’t tried to take it out even until I was back home. Also, mummy and abah hardly knew about it. My secret remained until the next day I sneezed. The eraser came out! Finally…I said.

I was excited and showed to my mom and dad, and they gave me a weird look. I guess they must have been thinking how on earth that eraser can be in my nostril for one day. My dad told me that if the eraser had stayed longer in my nostril it could have grown a rubber tree. At the moment, I thanked God for making me sneeze.


From my former blog, ‘A piece of Cake’

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