The Referendum

The referendum results was shocking as I thought ‘remain’ would lead the nation of this country even though as emigrant and Commonwealth citizen living here, I would prefer ‘leave’ for Britain (I didn’t vote).

Liverpool town was quieter than usual on Friday night and I felt sad for EU citizens who have settled here, whom have families, whom have build up careers and have economically contribute for  many years for this country.

As external observer, I have been following articles, news, debates and campaigns of the referendum from both sides i.e. who opted for ‘remain’ and ‘leave’. In my opinion, most of the points were based on personal interests rather than proper facts that able to show whether Britain have been better or worse since 1972 as a member of EU. Why she should remain or should leave question have not been answered clearly by those who involved in this campaign. I think majority of people in this country don’t understand the concept of single / common market brought by EU hence I truly believe their choice of vote were mostly driven by emotional rather than knowledge and facts.

Nonetheless, yesterday result is a good news for British as now their Parliament has gained back the true sovereignty in this country. Previously, most laws passed by British Parliament have to comply with EU law. The indication by economists and other experts with regards to their economics stability if they leave EU are just a forecast and speculation. It is entirely depends on them. If they genuinely believe that having self-governance is way better than being in the union, then they need to show the world that they are able to do better economically.

Some have concluded that this would be a dark era but I think it is too early to conclude as the journey is about to start. Do not give up Britain!